academia + me: a 21st-century flirtationship

Academia and I have had great times together, but I frequently doubt our longterm compatibility. Why? Because Academia is a f*(# boy. … Read More academia + me: a 21st-century flirtationship

Is Veganism the Most Eco-Friendly Diet? Musings on Methane, Food Miles, and Eating Local

Capitalist consumerism has trained us not to consider where our products come from and what the human, animal, and environmental cost was. Most of those who choose to go vegan are in fact considering the cost of their food on animal and environment, and being aware of where there food originates, and this is something I appreciate and respect while simultaneously struggling with the fact that a lot of vegan perspectives seem to miss out on a bigger picture. … Read More Is Veganism the Most Eco-Friendly Diet? Musings on Methane, Food Miles, and Eating Local

disembowelling empowerment

Have you noticed how empowerment is in everything these days? Leggings ads on Instagram? Blog posts on dentists’ websites about teeth whitening treatments? Popular feminism? Fitness advertisements? Meditation apps?  Empowerment is in everything these days. Empowerment is a nice, fuzzy word that makes us feel good inside. Empowerment. Empowered. Changing the world. Meditating for twenty… Read More disembowelling empowerment

Anna: Part 1

It is the morning of my wedding, and I am crying. Father has already left for the mines hours ago, and I have tidied and cleaned the house as well as I possibly can for the last time. I should be changing out of my work dress and apron into my Sunday best, but instead I am sitting on the floor crying into my hands. My stomach feels like it has sunk through me all the way to the ground, and I want to stay here forever; seeing nothing, stuck to the floor with my tears.… Read More Anna: Part 1